Property Sourcing


Property Sourcing is the activity by which property deals are negotiated and packaged by a property sourcer, to be sold on to a property investor.

A property deal would consist of a pre-negotiated offer with a vendor (property seller), who has signed an agreement or option to sell the property at the negotiated price.

New Heights Estates are professional property sourcers and we have property deals all over the UK.

We also offer the Deal Sourcing Pack. In this pack:

You will get deal sourcing for  beginners, the startup costs, how to make money as a “sourced to order” property finder, finding property owner information, 17 ways to build rapport with landlords and agents, how to calculate your sourcing fees, top deal-sourcing tips, how to complete on a deal, sourcing compliance, goldmine research, how to introduce third-party investors to vendors, the legal paperwork, the 5 essentials of deal sourcing, overview of negotiating and 10 key points to master the art of negotiation.

You will also get the business plan template, JV agreement, property option agreement, deed of assignment, lease option head of terms, lockout agreement, non-disclosure agreement, the sourcing fee agreement, action plan template, 50+ deal sourcing leaflets and flyers, list of 101 websites to source deals, landlord and agents scripts and letters, the serviced accommodation deal analyser, rent to rent deal analyser, lease option deal analyser, buy, refurbish, refinance deal analyser, flip calculator, buy to let deal analyser, area analysis spreadsheet and 60 ways to source property deals.

The Deal Sourcing pack is valued at WELL over £900, Yours for ONLY £97.

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