Lease Options


A lease option is like getting a car on a lease, except the car is a house. We pay a deposit (option consideration), then pay a monthly amount for the use of the car (house) and then at some point during the agreed term, we can pay the outstanding amount to own it.

If you are a landlord and you don’t want to sell your property for a discounted price now and lose out on a lot of money – or pay from your own back pocket because of negative equity, then lease options are best for you.

You may:

– Have negative equity
– Be a mortgage prisoner
– Be threatened with repossession
– Have been made redundant
– Be in debt
– Be going through a divorce
– Be relocating
– Have had a sale fall through
– Have inherited a property
– Be a landlord looking to sell
– Be a landlord wanting to retire

We will take over complete responsibility for your property. This includes:

  • Completing any mortgage payments
  • Repairs, maintenance, and general upkeep
  • Finding tenants
  • Insurance

We will take care of all this for the next several years in order to let the market recover. Then after this time….

We will buy your home for the original value we agreed at the start of this agreement! This means, in the long run, you could get the total value of your home plus keep several thousands extra in your pocket which you’d otherwise have spent on mortgage payments.

And if we don’t buy it from you, your home will likely have gone up in value during this time anyway. With our responsibilities in maintenance and repair and a housing market which will likely have recovered, you can sell it at a nice profit.

You might be asking, what’s in it for us?

Yes, we benefit from the cash flow difference between the rent and YOUR mortgage payments. However, we also deal with the stress, hassle, and worries which come with finding new tenants, repairs, upkeep and much more.

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