Creative Property Investment Course

This home study course is for new and experienced Property Investors. On this course, you will learn about every aspect of UK Property Investing. You will learn about ways to get properties without using your own money, Wholesaling properties, making money as a Property Finder, Buy-To-Let, Lease Options, Instalment Contracts, Rent-To-Own, Cashflow, how to get Mortgages, avenues leading to Motivated Sellers, Auctions, Ways to Source Funds, Negotiating Deals and Making Offers, Buying on Seller’s Terms, Building Your Network, Using Other People’s Ideas, Time, Money and Credit, Finding and Evaluating Deals, Credit Repair, Earning Residual Income, Getting Buyers, Analyzing Properties, Purchasing houses, flats, commercial properties, shopping centres, office buildings, Money Brokering, Protecting your Assets, Planning and Time Management.

You will learn about how to find, source and secure properties in your local area in order to build an income-generating portfolio or take massive profits from property deals without having to buy or own the property, or use any of your own money. You will learn about all the strategies you need to generate at least £5,000 each month. You get all teaching materials in electronic form and Free Legal Forms and Business Plan worth £295, Plus FREE Telephone and Email Support worth £1245. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Only £495.


This course allowed me to realise my love of property investing – J Ascot, London

What a great course!  Simple techniques to generate a good income – A Strong, Leicester


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